Friday, March 9, 2012

BOULEVARD YOGA presents meditation and chanting 12-2 pm at the closing of High Seas Low Planes! Saturday, March 10th!

The basic information would be: Boulevard Yoga presents Chanting & Meditation (Saturday March 10 from Noon-2pm) Enjoy chanting mantras in sanskrit and quiet meditation. Please bring a cushion or blanket to sit on. No experience necessary, open to all! For more information visit Email-

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

RAT tonight! with PAUL RUDY 6-9 PM High Seas, Low Planes @ la esquina

The Radical Art Technology (RAT) Ensemble (Paul Rudy, director) is a spontaneous community music making experience. Positioned throughout the space, the RAT Ensemble will interact with Ari’s installation by collectively improvising music. As much a group meditation as a performance, RAT hopes to extend the relaxing and contemplative effects of Ari’s work, and invites participants to join in the experience and exercise sonic imagination. Paul Rudy, Composer Farming Harmony Blog: 2012 CDs Available for download at iTunes