Thursday, January 19, 2012

Artist Ari Fish has received the ArtsKC Inspiration Grant for High Seas, Low Planes

Funding for High Seas, Low Planes has been partially provided by the ArtsKc Inspiration Grant ( Because of ArtsKc's generosity, funding for seating for the multi-media installation has been provided:

"Ari Fish: ($500)
“High Seas, Low Planes” is an ambitious interactive multi-media installation planned for La Esquina by fiber and performance artist Ari Fish.
Hardware and equipment for mobile viewing platforms to create a multi-sensory experience for the audience will be paid for with the Inspiration funding." -from ArtsKc's website.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: a listing of things to consider when reserving HIgh Seas, Low Planes


+ Anyone may reserve use of the temple by e-mailing 3 days in advance of the intended date of use. Email your contact information, a brief description of the activity you will be conducting in the space, and any other relevant information.

+ For activities occurring during regular open hours (Friday, Saturday, and Sundays 12-6), the temple will remain open to the general public and accessible to all

+ All individuals entering and using the space do so at their own risk, and are exclusively responsible for their own safety in the space. All individuals will be required to sign a waiver prior to entering the space, indemnifying all other parties of liability for their activities in the space

+ For any activities involving sound other than the sound that is already part of the installation, you are responsible for providing your own sound equipment

+ The video components of the installation cannot be removed, nor can they be replaced by someone else's video for an activity or performance. The sound components of the installation may be turned down or off as desired

+ The custom seating included in the installation accommodates 28 people. This seating comprises of 20 mobile chair units on wheels and 2 large platform seating boulders. The chairs on wheels may be moved but the boulders must remain where they sit

+ You may use this seating and/or encourage your participants, students, etc. to bring a yoga mat or something else that is comfortable to sit on

+The installation space accommodates approximately 35 people at a time in a participatory, class-like atmosphere, and 50 in an observation atmosphere, where people sit or stand side by side

+no fire, burning of incense or herbs, or heavy oils are permitted in the installation area and/or anywhere within la Esquina out of respect and consideration for the curtains and the hanging sculpture

+this is a not-for-profit installation. No person or group conducting activities in High Seas Low Planes shall profit from their use of the space

+all proceeds from a class, sermon, performance, etc. shall be donated to a charity/non-profit designated by the party using the space at the time that it reserves us of the space. When reserving the space, remember to include information on the charity selected

+during regular gallery hours of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 12-6pm, the space must remain free and open to the public, such that any charge for activities during those times must be voluntary

+if collecting donations for an activity of performance, it is strongly encouraged to advertise the charity benefitting from the event beforehand

+your event will be advertised on the HighSeasLowPlanes blog and through other channels as appropriate,

but you are strongly encouraged to promote it creatively by all means possible

CALENDAR: Below is the open calendar to sign up for events and keep updated on newly scheduled events at High Seas, Low Planes

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Considerations for your reservation of High Seas, Low Planes Installation at La Esquina through Charlotte Street

To reserve the temporary temple, please e-mail 3 days in advance with your reservation information. We will confirm your reservation and post it on the calendar. Make sure to check back here to confirm that all info is correct. Not only will it be listed on the calendar below, but a brief post will be posted the week of the event reservation to inform patrons and congregants of the details. Anyone and everyone that follows the blog will receive notice of new events.

***Please note the times and days available to reserve***
Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays from 12-6 pm, if you wish to reserve another time than what is allotted, please e-mail a week in advance so that we may prepare the proper supervision and needs of the event.